Aman Mediation Services

Working together to resolve family, spousal, and workplace conflicts through respectful collaboration and attainable resolutions.

Family Disputes

Family mediation is vital to help spouses and kids reach a fair agreement in a quick and efficient manner without having to spend your time and money in long court proceedings.

Workplace/Professional Disputes

Workplace conflicts occur when there is a disagreement amongst employees due to opposing interests, personalities, beliefs, or ideas.

Conflict Management Coaching

Conflict Coaching can be useful for individuals or organizations. Whether you’re looking to resolve a recurring conflict, ongoing conflict or one-time conflict - our coaches take a fair, professional approach to help you reach a resolution.


Our services

Divorce and separation

A separation agreement is a legal contract which is usually a faster and less expensive way to settle issues than going to court.

Parenting plan

We help you come up with a good co-parenting plan that will best reflect the needs and interests of the kids.

Spousal and child support

We can work with parents to agree on a payment that is equitable to the children and to both parents.

Division of matrimonial/family property

We help divide matrimonial and family property that comes under the Matrimonial Property Act.

Workplace Fairness

Workplace Restoration is a process that focuses on workplace wellness and rebuilds a psychologically healthy and safe workplace culture.

Workplace Health & Fairness

Workplace Health and Fairness plan helps employees feel safe and engaged at work, resulting in more efficient workflow, less turnover, and fair practices among employees.

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