Conflict Coaching can be useful for individuals or organizations. Whether you’re looking to resolve a recurring conflict, ongoing conflict, or one-time conflict - our coaches take a fair, professional approach to help you reach a resolution. Conflict Coaching is one-on-one confidential support to help a person/organization deal with a conflict situation.

You’ll work with a trained manager/coach that can help clearly identify the challenge or problem and work with you to develop new practical skills to resolve conflicts. The skills you’ll learn with our coaches will be beneficial for your current conflict as well as a good template and skillset to have to resolve future conflicts.

Conflict coaching enables the coaches to
1. Talk about the conflict with a neutral third party (the conflict coach),
2. Consider options for managing the conflict
3. Design an approach to discuss the conflict with the other person.

Conflict coaching can be used as a stand-alone process, or can be practiced with each of the parties in separate meetings during mediation.

Benefits of having a coach:

● Helps to deal with people in difficult situations (ex: talking to your staff about their performance, talking to your ex about kids, talking to your neighbors about disruptive behaviour).
● Helps you reach your full potential and enables you to successfully communicate with others.
● Provides you with personalized techniques and identifies patterns and behaviours that might not have worked for you in the past.

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