FAQs Workplace/Professional Disputes

FAQ Workplace/Professional Disputes

Frequently Asked Questions About Workplace/Professional Disputes

The length and cost of this process varies depending on your organization’s size and complexity. We are happy to schedule some time to chat and send you a comprehensive proposal so you know exactly what to expect. We value open communication and full transparency when it comes to length of the process and costs.
Workplace Fairness Restoration is more suitable when there is a breakdown in the relationship and trust in the workplace.
Our fairness analysts are experienced negotiators, mediators, and trainers in the workplace context. We work with a small group of your staff to conduct an in-depth review of existing systems and policies, through organizing and rolling out surveys, focus groups, and interviews. The goal is to assess current situations and move to propose systems and policies that will improve respectful workplace behaviors and promote a psychologically safe environment.
Cost is defined as the use of resources. The measurement of costs is based on the forgone opportunities of using those resources for other purposes.The magnitude of the forgone opportunity of using a resource is the opportunity cost.We use opportunity costs to make decisions every day.It is your choice to use your employees time solving conflict or using our services to help you enhance your organizational culture and strengthen your conflict management system in order to reduce the time spent on conflict.
We have experience working with small, mid, and large organizations. Whether your organization has 10 employees or 1000 employees, we cater our conflict plan depending on the needs of your organization.
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