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About The Owner

Rola Mustafa 

  • Rola has accreditation in mediation from the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, based in London, UK and she studied dispute resolution as part of her LLM in International Law at the City University of London.
  •  Rola is a global trainer in her field and has conducted training in Syria and Canada in both Arabic and English.  Rola has been certified as a mediator by Family Mediation Canada and she has been accredited by the ADR Institute of Canada.
  • Rola was a lawyer in Syria. She practiced law for 8 years, including being a consultant for international organizations and companies, before moving to Canada. 
  • Rola practiced family mediation as part of her law practice. In Syrian court, mediation is compulsory for any couple going into divorce, in an  attempt to preserve the relationship. Professional mediators can  either fix the damaged relationship or help achieve a peaceful separation. 
  • Rola has been a volunteer mediator for the Ismaili Conciliation and Arbitration Board in Syria since 2012. Since she moved to Canada, she has been practicing mediation as a volunteer with St. Stephen Community House, Catholic Cross-Cultural Service, the Ismaili Conciliation Arbitration Board, and Islamic Family and Social Services Association. 

Our Services

Divorce & Seperation agreement

A separation agreement is a legal contract which is usually a faster and less expensive way to settle issues than going to court.

Parenting Plan

We help you come up with a good co-parenting plan that will best reflect the needs and interests of the kids

child support

We can work with parents to agree on a payment that is equitable to the children and to both parents.

spousal support

We consider three main factors when deciding spousal support: Entitlement, Amount, and Duration

division of matrimonial / family property

We help divide matrimonial and family property that comes under the Matrimonial Property Act


If parties wish, we would like to explore reconciliation before discussing the separation agreement.

Our Mission 

Based on my beliefs and upbringing, peaceful dispute settlement is a means to protect and preserve relationships so that our community can stay strong, connected and healthy.

I am here to help partners communicate effectively, settle their disputes fairly, and protect their and their children’s emotional and mental health. 


This is how the name of the firm originated. “Aman” is an Arabic word that has several meanings: trustworthiness, protection, fearlessness, security, peace, and safety.


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Reconciliation & Mediation
Divorce and Seperation agreement
Parenting Plan
Child Support
Spousal Support
Division of Property

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