parenting plan

Parenting Plan

Our mediation services help negotiate a co-parenting plan that is crucial to ensuring that you and your partner can successfully co-parent and keep the child/children’s best interest at the forefront.

The plan put in place now can have a huge implication on a child’s future and well-being. Laying a strong co-parenting plan will set a strong foundation for your family and allow parents to raise their child/children under shared pillars of respect and support.

When we sit down with parents to help them create a successful parenting plan, we talk through guiding questions and create an outline to mitigate future disagreements. Our goal is to help families put conflict behind them and reach mutually agreeable solutions together.

How will you select and schedule extracurricular activities/school events /medical appointments?
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How will important decisions for the children be made?
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How will time be scheduled/shared with the children?
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How will holidays be shared?
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What will occur when one parent needs alternate care of the children?
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