Workplace Fairness Restoration

Workplace Fairness Restoration

Workplace Restoration is a process that focuses on workplace wellness and rebuilds a psychologically healthy and safe workplace culture. It is a process of renewing and restoring stressed, unhealthy and/or unsafe work environments.

Workplace restoration is “to restore trust in workplace relationships – both interpersonal and organizational so that an organization can move on after a stressful event. This can mean focusing on relationships beyond the complainant and respondent, and on the context or systems underlying the conflict. We follow the principles of Workplace Restoration when we work with organizations hoping to improve the health of their workplace. The principles encompass a holistic angle on improving company culture.

● Meaningful involvement and ownership
● Omni-partiality
● Confidentiality
● Engagement
● Communication
● Implication

Our strategy

Between 60% and 80% of all difficulties in organisations stem from relationships between employees

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    Reporting and Recommendations

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1. Meeting
2. Assessment
3. Reporting and Recommendations
4. Engagement
5. Monitoring

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