Workplace Health and Fairness Assessment

Workplace Health & Fairness Assessment

When staff members feel valued, they have a greater sense of team spirit and overall job satisfaction. Our Workplace Health and Fairness plan helps employees feel safe and engaged at work. When employees are happy at work, it results in more efficient workflow, reduces turnover, and helps maintain fair practices among employees within the bounds of labor laws.

Our Strategy:

Needs assessment

We start by understanding the history of the workplace such as size, sector, structure, bylaws, culture, and governance.

System Design

Next, we work with your team using professional, tested tool through a conflict management system.

System Implantation

We then implement a workplace restoration strategy that focuses on wellness and rebuilds a safe workplace culture.

System Monitoring

We start by understanding the history of the workplace The final step requires us to meet frequently for a defined period to discuss progress and such as size, sector, structure, bylaws, culture, and governance.

During the Needs Assessment we also conduct a Workplace Health Assessment which will provide you with a subjective analysis check-in for your workplace organizational culture.

The length and cost of this process depend on your organization's size and complexity. Please contact us for a comprehensive proposal.

One-Day Assessment

Be in a position that allows you to truly understand and respond to conflict in the workplace. Our one-day assessment is an introductory service that gives you an overview of the state of conflict management in your organization. Through the 1DA you will have a better understanding of the cultural elements that play a role in the generation and management of conflict leading to uncovering major sources of conflict in the organization.

What You Can Expect

We work with your team to assess and evaluate the policies you have in place and collective agreements uncovering conflict management options that you may be unaware of. In partnership with your team, we generate Fairness System Amendment Proposals. A few days later, we will deliver a complete report summarising the findings of the team and their recommendations.

Within a month or two, we contact you to determine if you have made any decisions on amending your workplace conflict management system.

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