Workplace Professional Disputes

Workplace Professional Disputes

Workplace conflicts occur when there is a disagreement amongst employees due to opposing interests, personalities, beliefs, or ideas. People spend a large portion of their day at work, so when there is tension at the workplace it can affect one’s mental health, professional goals, and the success of the business.

Bullying is a common behavior in the workplace. Conflict shows up in different ways that you may not realize such as lack of cooperation, harassment, name-calling, condescending comments, and more.

Workplace Health check

1. Are you and/or your staff experiencing an unusual amount of stress?

2. Are you and/or your staff experiencing unresolved issues?

3. Have there been incidents where people felt hurt or let down?

4. Has productivity decreased?

5. Have work processes changed?

6. Have there been losses of people or projects?

7. Are people reluctant to bring up important issue?

8.Has there been unusual amount of negativity not balanced with optimums?

9. Is there a lot of silence during your meetings?

10. Has your team lost focus of the overall role of purpose of the team?

Who you’ll be partnering with: Rola has more than 12 years of experience working in the Human Resources and Project Management field with a Global MBA and LLM. Rola is a specialist in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. To read more about Rola, click here

How We Can Help:

We work with individuals, corporate professionals, and business owners to foster a healthy, productive, and happy work environment. We follow our Workplace Health and Fairness Assessment to work with employers in creating and maintaining organizational justice.

When organizations work with a workplace fairness analyst, the results can be extremely beneficial to the business itself as well as the employees. Common benefits include:

● Improved communication between staff and managers
● Increased productivity and reduced tension
● Significant success in the implementation of projects
● Greater staff engagement
● Improved understanding of conflict and conflict management


Workplace Health and Fairness plan helps employees feel safe and engaged at work, resulting in more efficient workflow, less turnover, and fair practices among employees.


Workplace Restoration is a process that focuses on workplace wellness and rebuilds a psychologically healthy and safe workplace culture.

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